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Today, selling Information products or E-books has become the first source of income for thousands of people. Many advantages can explain that but the fact that usually the money earnt will be proportional to the amount of work achieved so the hard worker has big chances to end up earning money has seduced many people and decided them to build their own Website and start making money from information products.

An E-book is a few pages of text (usually from 10 to 100), most of the time it is lessons given by the writer that can be on any subject in which he feels he has enough knowledge to share it with others, so anyone motived can write his own E-book in a few days only.
So once the E-book is created, the next step is to build the sales page (website). Builing your own Website is often not easy as creating your first e-book and require us to knowledge and technical skills.
A few will work day and night searching on Google, to be at their Website by themselves from scratch, others will seek the help from a copywriter (very expensive by the way : at least $ 800 and
that is for a very basic work, far from the one you would dream about…) but all will have to overcome this problem one day.
It is this (creating the Website needed to start selling one’s product online) that made so many motived novices give up and never start earning anything online, making the dream of earning money from the house remain a dream instead of becoming reality.

But today, for less than $50, you can own a really handy program and use it to generate as many sales pages as you want without any web design skills whatsoever !
I would like to date to introduce you the Auto Sales Letter Creator (available on It is a software that will help you getting your own sales page, integrating the best sentences proven to work, but more importantly, professional look and architecture, and :

– Extremely simple to use but still very complete
– In less than 15 minutes per sales page
– Fill-in the blanks system

The Auto Sales Letter Creator was born to supply the increasing demand in sales page generating software.
Imagine : a program containing hundreds of professional closes, statements, testimonials proven to dramatically increase the percentage of sales, in which you only have to fill in the blanks and click on “generate” to have a
rich professional sales letter created like by magic.

The average time to create a full sales page from A to Z using the Sales Letter Generator is less than 15 minutes !
Choose between hundreds of pre-written professional :
-Introduction sentences
-Introduction headline
-Guarantee headlines and text
-Closing statements
-Closing P.S

The Auto Sales Letter Creator will generate everything from scratch (including off-page elements such as completely customized meta-tags etc..) and you will only have to upload the HTML page generated on a server to start selling your ebook or software and the whole process won’t take more than 30 minutes.
The beauty of this is that the pages generated really have nothing to envy to the most attracting webpages you saw and really give this feeling of professional copywriter work and no one will ever believe that this sales page is in
fact computer-generated ! (but that should remain our secret !)Get the Auto Sales Letter Generator and enjoy creating unlimited professional sales letters that help you maximizing your efforts and making sure you generate the more sales possible when a potential buyer is on your site. The Sales Letter Generator make creating a professional sales letter in less than 15 minutes possible for the beginners and the more advanced users…

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